IT recruitment solutions for the digital transformation skills gap

28 Feb, 2024

Here’s the simple truth: when it comes to the skill set required for successful digital transformation, demand continues to exceed supply.

In Australia and globally, this is backed up by reports from government and organisations such as Jobs and Skills Australia the Australian Information Industry Association, RMIT and Deloitte, and Forbes Magazine.

While some companies are setting up internal programs to upskill existing staff ($), a recent survey by AWS and Gallup shows that 76% of employers in the Asia Pacific region are trying to fill positions that require digital skills.

The impact is being felt across every sector – regardless of whether you are enhancing existing team skills with expert resources to help with delivering a project, backfilling resources due to a temporary vacancy resulting from illness or leave, or recruiting new permanent staff.

Sound familiar? The good news is that whether you’re developing a digital transformation strategy or well into implementation of systems modernisation and integration, there are some key rules of thumb that will help you fill those temporary skills gaps and keep your project on track with the right people in place.

A skills audit will help you understand the skills gap

When you’re developing a digital transformation strategy, understanding your technology’s current state and mapping out a future state are critically important parts of the process. The same principles apply for recruiting talent.

Consider human resource requirements from the start – when you begin to develop your digital transformation strategy. If you’re introducing new systems and processes, there may be specific data analysis, data management, systems integration or change management skills that you need to include.

Develop a plan to train and upskill

You might find that some of the skills and competencies you need are available internally, with training and professional development of existing staff.

Now that your audit has identified the skills you’ll require for successful digital transformation, you could create a training offer that will help upskill existing employees to be fit for digitally transformed operations.

Digital transformation has a significant change management component, and managing change also involves getting it right for people and culture. Training and upskilling valuable staff members can help maintain a positive company culture and reduce the cost of recruitment.

There are enormous benefits to creating a training offer that will get your existing employees fit for digitally transformed operations. Staff who have been working with your systems, processes, data sources and customers know your company and are likely already demonstrating the values and soft skills that matter to your organisation.

However keep in mind, upskilling in-house can take time that you may not have. A training plan is a great long-term solution but may not be the best approach to fill urgent gaps.

It’s worth remembering, too, that technology changes continuously. Whether you opt for an in-house upskilling approach or recruit externally, a training program is going to be valuable to ensuring your workforce competencies remain relevant and benefit the business.

Engage talent to fill short-term, specialist skills gaps

Digital transformation projects can create temporary resource requirements. This is particularly true for the highly technical skills during transformation projects and implementations.

A tactical approach to meeting these resourcing requirements is to work with a specialist recruitment team that understands the unique challenges and requirements of digital transformation.

Engaging a specialist recruitment partner will ensure you meet the specific resource needs of your project and align with your company culture.

Digital transformation specialists to fill digital transformation roles

Companies in every sector understand that the best results happen when working with recruiters who understand the unique and complex skill requirements of their sector. If you’re recruiting for your digital transformation project, it’s a great idea to partner with a team that understands the complexities of this type of work and the range of specialist skills required.

Since 2017, 9Yards have been delivering technology and business consulting services across all stages of digital transformation from strategy through to implementation. This deep knowledge of digital transformation combined with our holistic approach means we are able to access a vast network of technology professionals to source fit-for-purpose candidates.

Here are a few questions you should ask any staffing solutions partner, before engaging them to help you with IT recruitment for your digital transformation skills gaps:

What experience do you have in digital transformation consultancy?

  • The right partner will have specific experience across all phases of digital transformation projects. They’ll be able to provide insights and guidance about the specific skills that are required at each stage of digital transformation, from developing a digital transformation strategy through integration and implementation.

How would you describe your candidate vetting process?

  • Look for a recruiting partner that adopts a rigorous vetting process. You’ll want to be sure that candidates are meticulously evaluated for skill, fit, and potential so that you are receiving fully qualified and validated recommendations, saving you time.

How do you see our relationship going forward?

  • You’re looking for a partner committed to building a lasting strategic partnership with you. Aim for a relationship with a trusted advisor that will go above and beyond the traditional placement / recruitment lifecycle.

Do you provide a tailored recruitment strategy?

  • Look for a recruitment partner with expertise in digital transformation technology and a willingness to understand your business goals. A personalised and flexible approach results in a more efficient, effective and fulfilling recruitment experience for you and your candidates.

Staffing solutions by digital transformation experts

You already know that 9Yards can support your digital transformation with strategic and project consultation services. Our team of digital transformation consultants is platform-agnostic and we take a holistic approach to working with you for successful outcomes.

We can also help with filling out your team with skilled, experienced and thoroughly vetted candidates. Contact us to find out how we can help you find digital transformation team members to fill your skill gaps in the short term.