Digital Transformation Readiness Checklist

08 Feb, 2024

Digital transformation readiness checklist

There are many challenges facing any organisation heading down the digital transformation path. Along with technology and systems integration, digital transformation can impact and be impacted by company culture, data security and regulatory compliance.

The term ‘digital transformation’ covers such a wide range of activities – and technology is only part of the story. At 9Yards, we see that just a handful of common reasons can lead to the failure of a digital transformation project, things like:

  • unclear vision or communication
  • articulation of a target state and its attributes
  • lack of leadership alignment with the target state
  • insufficient investment in people
  • lack of buy-in, including changing priorities.

Before proceeding with any kind of digital modernisation, this simple checklist will help prepare you on your digital transformation journey.

✔ Is there a valid business driver for digital transformation? Take care to only plan changes that align with measurable organisational goals.

✔ Are you keeping it simple? Opting for simplicity in transformation strategies, might mean optimisation rather than full-scale digital transformation. Simple is also easier to communicate – which can improve adoption of the changes by staff and customers.

✔ Are you aiming for the right pace of change? Balancing short-term wins with long-term objectives? It’s a good idea to identify the level of change that will be acceptable to customers and internal stakeholders and plan to accommodate it in your project planning.

✔ Have you identified your current state and future state? Knowing what you’re aiming for and where you’re starting from will give you a clear path for success. Execute with certainty by developing a clear digital transformation roadmap with achievable milestones.

✔ Are you clear about the risks of embarking on digital transformation – including the risk of not taking action? Are you using data analytics to understand and manage the risks?

✔ Do you have a skilled, engaged leadership team that is ready to oversee your digital transformation project? C-level leaders who understand the importance – and challenges – of digital transformation will have an enormous influence on the success of a digital modernisation project. You could also consider engaging a virtual CTO.

✔ How recently have you updated your business continuity plan (BCP) and disaster recovery (DR) strategy? Any kind of change – or planned change – in the technology you use to deliver your services should also be reflected in your BCP and DR processes and documentation.

✔ Are you ready to start the conversation? Reach out to the digital transformation consultants at 9Yards, for expert advice on building a successful digital transformation strategy.