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9Yards is one of the leading project management consulting firms in Australia. Our project management consultants will ensure project objectives are on time and on budget.

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9Yards project managers will ensure company procedures, practices and operations are followed and therefore meeting the project objectives on time and on budget. Additionally, 9Yards project managers are the keepers of best practices and standards, project status and direction across the organisation.

Project management methods that combine predictive, agile and hybrid approaches have shown to achieve objectives within budget and on time more than when it is rarely or never used.

Our High Performing Project Managers will

  • Provide vision and direction while also being the point of contact for the project. They are responsible for all communication between stakeholders, customers and the project team, which decreases confusion and increases accuracy.
  • Increase efficiency by defining the tasks which need to be undertaken in order to complete the project, and in what order they should occur.
  • Control scope of what needs to be delivered and what work has to be done to deliver the project deliverables. The project manager will continually address scope management throughout the life of the project by regular monitoring and controlling.
  • Manage costs and delivering within budget, which not only includes monetary costs but also the people resources, both internal and external, and the equipment costs as well.
  • Manage time by controlling the project schedule, examining milestones, key dates and the critical path throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Schedule the work and ensure that all the project team members work on their tasks in the appropriate order. This includes calculating the time a task takes and solving any problems which may delay them making their deadlines.
  • Deal with potential risks by identifying potential risks, assessing the impact they may have and consequently make a plan to avoid or manage them. The aim of risk management is to reduce the undesirable consequences to a project of a risk occurring.
  • Administer and manage procurement for projects that requires products and services from outside your organisation.
  • Communicate on the progress, goals and performance of the project to both the project team and the stakeholders on a regular basis.
  • Close and evaluate the project with lessons learned and documented throughout the project phases for the next project.

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