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9Yards is one of the leading digital transformation consulting firms in Australia. Our digital transformation consultants will enable your organisation to be ready for the future.

9Yards digital transformation consultants are experts in the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, which enables organisations to fundamentally change how they operate and solve problems, and deliver value to your customers.

Current Digital Transformation Trends

  • Customer experience
    The average number of applications used in each organisation is 900, making it very difficult for companies to provide a connected customer experience. A connected experience removes friction in the customer journey, making it accessible anywhere, anytime, while at the same time having highly personalised experiences. 74% of consumers think companies should understand their expectations and needs.
  • Data Driven Business
    Organisations that have collected and analysed data are using it to improve customer experience, streamline operations and predict behaviours and trends to give them an edge over the competitors. However, 83% have reported business challenges such as data silos, which creates friction in the sharing of information and insights.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
    AI capabilities are used to expedite and personalise customer service, reduce human bias, and increase productivity by automating tasks. The value of AI and ML tools are dependent upon the quality of the data.
  • Multi-Cloud Computing
    Multi-cloud infrastructure allows organisations to maintain a hybrid environment that enables a combination of security and cost savings at the same time. The most security-focused workloads are kept in the private cloud while running regular business data and applications in cost-effective public cloud networks. However, there are also challenges which are complicated and mismanagement of this strategy could lead to more costs instead.

Successful digital transformation programs have led to

  • 80% of organisations reporting an increase in profits
  • 85% of organisations increasing their market share
  • 23% of organisations expecting higher revenue growth than competitors

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