Quality Assurance Testing

9Yards is one of the leading quality assurance testing consulting firms in Australia. Our quality assurance testing consultants will ensure the highest quality standards are maintained.

A project completed on time and within budget may not necessarily be considered successful. There is another factor that is critical to success, and that is quality. At 9Yards, our experienced quality assurance testers will follow testing frameworks to detect and remediate issues with your product/service and ensure a great user experience for your employees, customers and users.

9Yards approach to quality assurance includes:

  • Failure testing to push the product/service to its limits and using those results to find ways to improve further
  • Statistical control which employs statistical methods such as six sigma to monitor and control a process
  • Ensure product/service and process follow international standards and models for competence
  • Adoption of total quality management in the organisation to install a permanent culture of where employees, products/services and process continuously improve and demand a high standard of quality

Benefits of Quality Assurance

  • Prevents catastrophic failure
  • Enhances reliability
  • Inspires client and customer confidence
  • Maintains great user experience
  • Improves client and customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduces costs and increase profits
  • Promotes productivity and efficiency

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