Department of Health

Digital transformation roadmap for Australian state Department of Health

Our client, an Australian state government health department, had previously developed a 20-year policy direction that incorporated digital transformation of an innovative and integrated health system. They brought in 9Yards – and one of our trusted partners with deep health domain expertise – to leverage that work and develop a digital health roadmap. This would specifically define how that strategy could be realised, as well as act as a business case to secure funding.

Working with the CIO and the PMO Director, over eight weeks we were able to create a roadmap that would realise the department’s target state of a cloud-based environment that would prioritise patient safety, efficient patient management, information security and integration capability.

Developing a realistic, executable digital transformation roadmap

The 9Yards approach to developing roadmaps is to include as much detail necessary to execute with certainty. Our processes mean we take great efforts to understand how this work contributes to the greater business intent, and ensure it strives to support them.

A roadmap like this ultimately informs core decisions regarding overall costs and resourcing demands – so it’s imperative that we can develop an accurate and practical plan that will not bring up surprises as it is executed.

As our scope does not include the execution phase of the roadmap, our clients appreciate that our recommendations aren’t bloated with unnecessary features that blow out the delivery in either cost or timeframe.

Collaborating for greatest breadth and depth of knowledge

When a project calls for it, we strongly believe in collaborating with those who have specific knowledge – and in not letting egos get in the way of meaningful outcomes. That’s why we are always open to partnering with external consultants who have particular domain knowledge.

This project was one such example; we partnered with independent consultant Werner Van Huffel. He brought incredibly deep healthcare technology expertise which paired with our reputation for developing detailed, executable roadmaps that organisations can realise without any unexpected challenges.

Partnering like this allows us to develop both a deep (specific area of knowledge) and wide (greater organisational needs) approach to the situation, resulting in much stronger outcomes.