5 Industry Trends on the Horizon for 2022

02 Mar, 2022

5 industry trends on the horizon for 2022

It may feel, during the last 2 years, that many companies are spinning their wheels while navigating the continued disruption of the workforce and the economic market. For some, Covid-19 has led them to reconsider what is necessary to run a successful business, while for others it has become an opportunity to diversify offerings and focus on new skills. Regardless of which camp your business falls into, we can all agree that technology developments are rapidly advancing, gaining more traction as time passes.

As we move further into 2022, 9Yards’ attention is now on the trends that will be shaping the market throughout this year and inspiring us in both delivery and service. Here are 5 industry trends we foresee will shape business in 2022.

Trend 1: Enhancing privacy with Cyber Security Mesh

While not new for many of our clients, the use of Cybersecurity Mesh in IT security architecture is set to diversify the ways in which networks are protected in 2022. It empowers IT managers and security consultants to create and maintain specific perimeters around devices and ports in complicated networks. This approach individualises the protection of data and platforms by section, rather than a general security application. For clients, this means heightened security protection that’s intuitive and flexible for future changes to the network and its data. Learn more about our cyber security services.

Trend 2: Low code, no code

Low code development has opened the door to non-developers to take charge of their own systems, and it’s not closing anytime soon. Low code development solutions enhance a company business strategy by redirecting developer costs while offering flexibility.

Clients can update their platforms to compliment customer interest without waiting to schedule time for upgrades or pay expensive developer fees for each integration. By freeing up a client’s budget, more can be spent bolstering their service and offerings in other ways. The sky’s the limit!

Trend 3: Cloud native platforms

Just like low code development, cloud native platforms give power back to the business owner while keeping all the important information right where they can see it. Cloud based companies have the benefit of being easily scalable to the desire of the company as they grow, adjusting as needed, rather than being held to a strict timeline. Cloud based enterprises reduce the need for external storage as well as keeping maintenance overheads to a minimum. But be mindful of the risks to this newly rising trend in cloud platforms – security and scalability can become compromised if rapid expansion takes place too quickly.

Trend 4: Hybrid working environments

Employees at the helm of project management may still be feeling the pressure of guiding a team under hybrid workplaces for the past two years, but adaptation and resilience is finally paying off. In 2022, companies will have more options than ever when it comes to implementing team engagement resources and productivity tools. Quality applications that can be set-up by the average worker are developing at a phenomenal rate; they should be user friendly and cost efficient to leave more time for focusing on the tasks that really matter to the business.

With the assistance of third-party collaborators in project management, companies can remove excess stress from their teams by sharing the load with dedicated experts. A good project management consultant should work closely alongside the business to identify pain points and key focus areas in a specialised strategy. The 9Yards team have a wealth of experience in both public and private sectors evolving strategy that sits in existing frameworks of a business. To find out more, check out our ActewAGL case study on their transformation project. 

Trend 5: Conscious retention

Employment retention statistics are becoming a commonplace trend of their own amongst many industries right now. In a recent survey completed by Microsoft, 40% of their global workforce indicated plans to resign from their role in the coming year. Keeping talent in 2022 will require engaging with the needs of your staff, supporting a hybrid work environment as well as an ability to meet in the middle when delivering on their requests.

All employees value being heard, supported, and recognised for their hard work. Employers can play their part by allocating spending towards user-friendly systems and making upgrades to processes that may be causing friction between tasks and end goals. In easing this tension, workers can feel better prepared to meet their objectives and make informed decisions.

Of course, retention does go deeper, if a worker doesn’t feel their organisation aligns their strategy with their values,  they may feel detached in the long-term. By opening the floor to reviewing core business functions regularly with dedicated action plans, employees have a clearer understanding of their role and where they sit in the organisation.

Making time to update business strategy for the year ahead has always been on-trend, why not start today with our team of expert consultants?